Documentary Highlights Latin America’s Deep African Roots

Cimarron Spirit documentary is a collaborative documentary project spearheaded by Rubén Durán, a Houston-based, Dominican filmmaker. This documentary seeks to share and celebrate the deep roots present in Latin American culture that is ignored and denied by so many people. Check out the trailer below! Read More… Advertisements

Have You Heard?: Ishishcha

If you’re into chill yet trippy experimental music you will love “Na”, Peruvian artist Ishishcha’s latest 6-track album sung in Quecha. Quecha is a native language of the Andean peoples of South America and the dominate language spoken through the Incan empire. This album is definitely out of the ordinary and is sure to keep your ear drums…

Waiting For A Ring, But Not The Kind You Think

Did you know that boxing is actually banned for women in Cuba? Women in the island nation are encouraged to participate in all other sports including wrestling, Judo, weight-lifting, and Tae Kwon Do, but not boxing. Well, meet Namibia Flores Rodriguez, the only known female boxer in Cuba and the rest of the Caribbean. Read More…  …

The Ovarian Psycos Make No Apologies

The Ovarian Psycos are a collective of brown and black womxn in L.A.’s Boyle Heights leading the decline of the white male dominated narrative of the cycling world. They are reclaiming their power as working-class, renaissance, radical badass womxn breaking the status quo. We’re so here for it!!

7 of Mexico’s Indigenous Languages Celebrated in Animated Shorts

According to National Geographic, a language dies every 14 days and in the next century over 3,000 will disappear. With 68 languages and over 360 indigenous dialects Mexico is the North American center of pre-Columbian indigenous culture. The country is also a hotspot for language extinction as elders pass and youth assimilate to U.S. culture. 68 Voces…

6 Food and Farming Success Stories From Native Communities

So many times we hear about the problems of the world and her people, but this article highlights the success that Native people are having to positively effect their communities through traditional food, agriculture, and education. We’re here for it!

Issa Rae Presents: “LadyLike”

Loving this short written by Tiffany Johnson and Nicholas Williams! It’s about two stunning women, Vaughn and Harlan, described as having a “penchant for retro… and retribution.” Much love to Issa Rae for the introduction!

Do The Work!

Don’t just talk about it, be about it! Do The Work is a challenge to everyone to be a part of the solution! See and take the pledge here