O.G. Carefree Black Girl: Bessie Stringfield

Ever heard of Bessie Stringfield? Now you have! She was an O.G. Floridan Carefree Black Girl who took to the roads of the United States, and eventually the world, with her middle finger to white supremacy and misogyny.


No Limits: Adventurer Mario Rigby Shares His African Cross-Country Experience

“It’s almost like you have to fight them to not be so nice to you.” Toronto native Mario Rigby spent two years trekking 7456.45 miles across eight African countries by foot and kayak.

Have You Heard?: Chargaux

We have a very diverse taste in music, so you can imagine our joy after discovering Chargaux. This Brooklyn based duo is ear-candy to the extreme fusing hip-hop, classical, Indian traditional, and so much more in melodious mind-blowing waves. They have written for major artists like Kendrick Lamar, School Boy Q and J Cole. We're so inspired by … Continue reading Have You Heard?: Chargaux

Kriol: Largest Language Exclusive to Australia

When we think of Creole we think of Louisiana (and maybe Beyonce) but it's actually much more than that. Creole, in terms of language, is created through colonization/ colonialism  and is based off of the conquerers language. For example, in Louisiana or Ayiti French is the base language. Kriol is also a part of this language … Continue reading Kriol: Largest Language Exclusive to Australia