Rock the Continent: Metal Bands in Africa

The African continent has birthed several diverse and thriving rock scenes throughout the years, from Zamrock to Nigerian psychedelic rock. One of the most overlooked is the African metal scene. Check out some of the bands putting the Motherland on the rock map! Advertisements

Have You Heard?: Chargaux

We have a very diverse taste in music, so you can imagine our joy after discovering Chargaux. This Brooklyn based duo is ear-candy to the extreme fusing hip-hop, classical, Indian traditional, and so much more in melodious mind-blowing waves. They have written for major artists like Kendrick Lamar, School Boy Q and J Cole. We’re so inspired by…

Kriol: Largest Language Exclusive to Australia

When we think of Creole we think of Louisiana (and maybe Beyonce) but it’s actually much more than that. Creole, in terms of language, is created through colonization/ colonialism  and is based off of the conquerers language. For example, in Louisiana or Ayiti French is the base language. Kriol is also a part of this language…

Have You Heard?: Ari Chi

Tampa, Florida’s own Ari Chi releases her latest visuals from her song “From A Distance”. This is definitely a feast for the eyes! Check out the young songstress as she serenades you with ease. Be sure to also check out her soundcloud for other musical goodness!

Have You Heard?: Jarreau Vandal

Coming all the way from Amsterdam is a talented artist named Jarreau Vandal! Heavily influenced by musical artists in his family, Jarreau started producing at a young age. He takes some of the most dopest tracks and puts his own diverse spin on them! Check out the playlist below!  

Have You Heard?: James Fauntleroy

A favorite… To simply put it. James Fauntleroy also know as ‘Black Mario’ has a distinctive voice and style. His beautiful song writing skills will have you thinking tens across the board!

Have You Heard?: Sampha

With so much going on in our lives, it is always good to take time and decompress. Sampha’s relaxing tunes will do just that. Sit back, make some chrysanthemum tea and enjoy the vibes.  

Have You Heard?: Abjo

Check out San Diego artist/producer Abjo, another eargasm for your ears! His blends will mos definitely get your creative juices flowing. Peep the playlist below!

Have You Heard?: SIR

Hailing from Inglewood, SIR has made his way into our ears and hearts with his soothing grooves. Check out this live set that he did with Soulection Radio from his latest project titled ‘Seven Sundays’.  

Have You Heard?: Rose Gold

Stumbled upon this melodious queen by the name of Rose Gold recently and have been playing her music since! She flows along with James Fauntleroy effortlessly on the track ‘Runnin’. Happy Listening!

Have You Heard?: Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox is a wonderfully talented artist that we have been following for quite some time and she does NOT disappoint. Check out one of our favorites titled “Inhale Me Deep”!

Have You Heard? : JCKSN Ave

Don’t you miss the days of R&B girl groups? We do too and that’s why we are loving this singing group of siblings called JCKSN Ave! Check out their newest song “All These Dreams”.