The Noir Image is a collaborative project, breaking barriers by collecting diverse representations of people of color that are otherwise not reflected in traditional media. Historically, the visual narratives surrounding P.O.C. have largely excluded our complexity. The Noir Image is here to destroy stereotypes and unapologetically shine light on our beauty, intelligence, and power.


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Hailing from Tampa by way of upstate New York, Rah is an intellectual, global explorer, public speaker, healer, organizer , urban grower, and activist. She is an advocate for self-reliance, self-care, food and environmental justice as means for empowering individuals, uplifting communities, and restoring the Earth. She is also the Creatress of Earth & Alkemy, a space encouraging care for and reconnection to the environment through self-love and self-care.


Based in Tampa, Florida, Christy Marie has immersed herself in photography for past the 5 years. She describes herself as an artist because, “Art is my passion in life before anything else.” Her art focuses on portraying people of color in a diverse light, with influences from nature and culture. Christy also is very passionate about changing the status quo and uses her art as an outlet for activism. You can find her body of work at ChristyMariePhoto.Com!