22 Activities To Help Lift Your Vibrations

We all go through it. ALL of us. It is important to process our emotions. However it is also just as important to try our best not dwell in our own sadness, anger, etc.  Here are some activities that can help lift your vibrations when you’re feeling less than great. 

  1. Listen to your favorite album
  2. Read a book on your favorite subject
  3. Meditation
  4. Go for a walk in a park.
  5. Call(NOT TEXT) a close friend
  6. Go to the beach
  7. Thrifting
  8. Volunteer
  9. Random Road Trip
  10. Write a gratitude list
  11. Watch a movie from your favorite director
  12. Visit a local book store
  13. Go to a museum
  14. Take yourself on a date (minus the cell phone)
  15. Doodle
  16. Yoga
  17. Write a poem
  18. Go for a bike ride
  19. Create a vision board (if you have one then update it)
  20. Watch a documentary
  21. Visit a loved one
  22. Gardening(Plants love when you talk to them)

Hope this helps!!


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