Have You Heard?: Ishishcha

If you're into chill yet trippy experimental music you will love "Na", Peruvian artist Ishishcha's latest 6-track album sung in Quecha. Quecha is a native language of the Andean peoples of South America and the dominate language spoken through the Incan empire. This album is definitely out of the ordinary and is sure to keep your ear drums … Continue reading Have You Heard?: Ishishcha


22 Activities To Help Lift Your Vibrations

We all go through it. ALL of us. It is important to process our emotions. However it is also just as important to try our best not dwell in our own sadness, anger, etc.  Here are some activities that can help lift your vibrations when you're feeling less than great.  Listen to your favorite album Read a book … Continue reading 22 Activities To Help Lift Your Vibrations

Homophobia Doesn’t Look Good On You

Women express their friendships and genuine LOVE for each other in so many ways. Hmm..... but WHY oh WHY when black men actually let go and become themselves homophobia comes into play. I wrote this in response to the recent Fader magazine cover of Rae Sremmurd and the comments concerning their sexuality. Now, if my magical … Continue reading Homophobia Doesn’t Look Good On You

Representation For Black Boys Matters Too

Many people don't realize that toys are one of the earliest ways we are trained in gender stereotypes. This is a conversation that's especially heard when discussing feminism and girls, but what about Black boys? Jennifer Pierre found herself asking this same question and decided to answer it by creating Melanites, a line of dolls for … Continue reading Representation For Black Boys Matters Too