Kriol: Largest Language Exclusive to Australia

When we think of Creole we think of Louisiana (and maybe Beyonce) but it’s actually much more than that. Creole, in terms of language, is created through colonization/ colonialism  and is based off of the conquerers language. For example, in Louisiana or Ayiti French is the base language. Kriol is also a part of this language…

One of My Kind Shines In the Zine World

One of My Kind (OOMK) is an amazing London-based biannual Zine founded by three muslim womxn. OOMK dives into subjects like sense of belonging and identity specific but not exclusive to Muslim women. First created in 2003 the zine centers around the “imaginations, creativity and spirituality of women”. What do you think? Read More…

‘Sad Asian Girls Club’ Isn’t What You Think

When you first hear the name a different picture might come to mind but make no mistake, ‘Sad Asian Girls Club‘ is far from it. This collective of Asian graphic designers is breaking barriers through critical commentary on issues such as body image, fetishization, and colorism as Asian womxn. Get to know them below! Read…

The Ovarian Psycos Make No Apologies

The Ovarian Psycos are a collective of brown and black womxn in L.A.’s Boyle Heights leading the decline of the white male dominated narrative of the cycling world. They are reclaiming their power as working-class, renaissance, radical badass womxn breaking the status quo. We’re so here for it!!

Black Men Do Yoga

“So the reason why I was interested in shooting this “Black Men Do Yoga” is because every time I’m online looking at yoga poses, I rarely come across men of color. Wanted to create visibility and also let men of color know that if you’re doing yoga, it does not take away from your masculinity….

En Pointe’s Dance Studio Serving Excellence!

Dig the FLYness that these dancers are serving up! We love seeing diverse representations of young kids of color! Thank you to Baton Rouge’s own En Pointe Dance Studio for sharing this beautiful image! You ALL are excellence!

Have You Heard?: Ari Chi

Tampa, Florida’s own Ari Chi releases her latest visuals from her song “From A Distance”. This is definitely a feast for the eyes! Check out the young songstress as she serenades you with ease. Be sure to also check out her soundcloud for other musical goodness!

The Deep Roots of African-American Cooperative Economics

“African-Americans started using cooperative economics from the moment they were forcibly brought to the Americas from Africa, at first for practical reasons. They realized that their survival depended on working together and sharing resources. They had collective traditions from the African nations and civilizations they came from, that they applied in the Americas when they…

Have You Heard?: Jarreau Vandal

Coming all the way from Amsterdam is a talented artist named Jarreau Vandal! Heavily influenced by musical artists in his family, Jarreau started producing at a young age. He takes some of the most dopest tracks and puts his own diverse spin on them! Check out the playlist below!