The 2016 GMF Experience

 7 days have passed since the 2016 Gasparilla Music Festival (GMF) and we at The Noire Image are still riding the vibrational high. Taking place on March 12 and 13th at Curtis Hixon Park, GMF was packed with an array of talent, fashion, and culture. The line up was nothing short of magical with a mixture of local and international acts including artists like Antibalas, Samurai Shotgun, Erykah Badu, Gwan Massive, Stephen Marley, Mike Mass, and Talib Kweli. That’s just to name a few!  Christy Marie Photography, a contributor of NOIR, captured some images to fully describe the energy we experienced.


Representing Tampa Bay, Gwan Massive is a collective of local musicians whose style is dominated by Reggae and Hip Hop influences. They are composed of rappers, singers, and musicians. Their energetic Caribbean vibes will surely have you up and on your feet! See images below from their set at GMF!



 Undeniably one of Tampa’s most talented rappers, Mike Mass bodies every show with his lyricism and high-energy. Heavily influenced by classic 90’s hip-hop, boom bap, and trap, words like ‘ill’ do little to paint the full picture of his style when ripping the mic.  Whether you’re just vibing or getting hype for the night Mike Mass has everything you need and even what you didn’t know you needed! Check him out below!




Samurai Shotgun… To try to describe them in words does not do ANY justice to show the raw energy they give each time they perform. Composed of five members, they are a Hip Hop and Rock fused band that never shy away from exuding a strong stage presence.  They demand your attention, and without fail you will give it to them. Gearing up for their debut album release of ‘Riptide’, they have been spotted playing all across the U.S.

Photos below….


The Goddess. The Healer. Honestly, the words don’t present themselves to explain the caliber of energy she radiates on stage. You just HAD to have been there!

Full hearts, high spirits, and blown minds are just a few side effects of GMF. If you couldn’t make it out this year, you missed out. If you thought it wasn’t going to be worth it, we’re here to tell you without a doubt, it was worth EVERY penny.  Much love to everyone who helped organize the Gasparilla Music Festival this year and created an other-wordly  experience in the Tampa Bay area.


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