Voices of Color In Animation

Characters of color are definitely underrepresented in the animation world, but these actresses and actors have been the voices of some amazing and iconic animated characters. Any of them surprise you? Advertisements

Former Black Panther Party Chairwoman Elaine Brown & Urban Farming

Ever heard of West Oakland Farms? Now you have! Established by former Black Panther Party Chairwoman Elaine Brown, age 72, West Oakland Farms is an urban garden, cooperative, business incubator, and prison re-entry program in the California’s Bay Area. Check it out! Read More About West Oakland Farms

6 Food and Farming Success Stories From Native Communities

So many times we hear about the problems of the world and her people, but this article highlights the success that Native people are having to positively effect their communities through traditional food, agriculture, and education. We’re here for it!

Siza Mzimela: First Black Woman To Start An Airline

Siza’s Fly Blue Crane is an airline that flies to several cities in South Africa, including Johannesburg. In the future, she hopes to expand flights to Botswana, Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Zimbabwe. “The airline will aim to keep its current rates in order to make flying affordable for both business and…

Have You Heard?: SIR

Hailing from Inglewood, SIR has made his way into our ears and hearts with his soothing grooves. Check out this live set that he did with Soulection Radio from his latest project titled ‘Seven Sundays’.  

Black In the USSR

“The amount we know about our African heritage varies from individual to individual,” says Johnson Artur. What they do have in common however, is a history of struggle against a commonly encountered resistance to the presence of black people in Russia.”

Brooklyn Made: An Interview with Andre Wagner

Brooklyn based artist Andre Wagner talks about what it means to be a photographer and what inspires his work. In the interview Andre speaks on how he thinks there is something amazing about everyday folks doing everyday things. Check out the interview by BRIC TV!

On Realizing I Am Black By Gabriel Ramirez

To be Latinx & Black. The intersectionality of being both often comes with oversight or ignorance. Poet Gabriel Ramirez speaks on his experience as an Afro-Latino who proudly acknowledgess his Blackness.